Technical and Scientific Translation

from English into Spanish


What do you need?

Perhaps you’re expanding into a Spanish-speaking region and you need to translate your brochures, website and press releases. They must be clear and technically tight.

I can help.

Maybe you’re bringing your automated machines to market in Spain, and your potential customer wants the manual and user interface in Spanish.

I can help.

Or maybe you’ve audited your supplier in Spain, and now you want to send them a copy of the report in their own language to help them improve their operations.

I can help.

Spanish Technical Translator

I’m Diana, a physicist and a technical translator. I can assist you to reach the Spanish-speaking market and help your customers use your products to their full potential.

Technical documents are of vital importance to your company. Like in all translations, your company’s image is at stake, though in this case so too is your clients’ experience of your products, and even their physical safety when using them. 

The documentation you have put together reflects the quality of your product and technology. Do you want the Spanish version to do the same? If so, you need a translator who understands your technology and knows your sector.

Working with me gives you access to more than 15 years of technical experience in well-known companies, where I often used the same products that you work with and even created this same type of documentation.

Would someone from outside of your sector tell the difference? Perhaps not. Your clients? Undoubtedly.

Our company has been working with Diana for several years - mainly texts on optical equipment, microbiology, space. Project details and terms are adequately discussed, delivery is always on time, translation style is perfect (exactly what we need). Also, Diana's comments often help us to improve the source texts. I can highly recommend Diana for projects in this field of expertise.

Anna ValeriECM Director, Levenhuk Inc.

A true professional. Responsive, meets deadlines and understands the technical requirements of translating for the electronics sector. Diana is a pleasure to work with.

Gwen Rousselot-JonesDirector, Aracom.

Diana is a great professional, and is part of my top ten free-lancers list! She's a great linguist, has excellent communication skills, incredibly helpful and reliable. Our daily collaboration is so pleasant and fruitful!

Céline MayzaudProject Manager, PassWord Europe.

Nice working with. Serious and meeting deadline and requirements. We definitely recommend her for interpreting assignments!

Mădălina PuşcaşProject manager, translator SRL.

You have been so wonderful to work with! I have really appreciated your expertise and support.

Jessica PakerProject manager, Echo International.

Diana doesn't just produce top quality translations, she adapts them to our stylistic needs, proposes alternative translations and clears up doubts. She also does a great job managing complex projects, such as multilingual texts, and makes our content generation process more efficient.

Josep Garcia BonillaCountry Manager Spain & Latin America, Tool Tester Network.

Diana is professional and always a pleasure to work with. She takes it upon herself to provide thorough notes and feedback for each project along with excellent translation.

Stephanie PerkoSpecial Projects Manager, PPI Technical Communications.

Very accurate and careful about the details. Fast and friendly communication. Thank you, Diana! We've enjoyed working with you:)

Mihails VasiljevsProject Manager, Abellana Plus.

Need a technical translation? Ask me for a free quote, a free skype consultation to discuss your project or read my blog about technical translation for more information.


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